Proposals to know Rome from other points of view!

  • TOUR FOR FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN AND BOYS: thematic routes to get to know Rome, making the little ones entertained;
  • “ANGELS AND DEMONS” TOUR : follow the clues scattered among the most hidden corners and discover the mysteries of Rome;
  • “ROMA CLASSICA” and “ROMA MODAIOLA”: combines the Classic Rome tour with the “shopping at Euroma2″ tour, the largest shopping center in the city “;/li>
  • “ROMA CLASSICA” and CASTELLI ROMANI: combine the classic Rome tour to discover the wonderful landscapes of the Castelli Romani, together with towns and villages of the Colli Albani, a short distance from Rome. Rich in noble palaces, castles and strongholds, shopping destinations and food and wine tours;
  • FOOD AND WINE TOURS: discovering the wines of the Castelli Romani, the oil and typical products of Sabina and the scents and flavors of the Agro Romano;
  • “THE GREAT ARTIST OF ROME”: Tour to retrace the traces of the existence and work of geniuses who have, with their projects, their chisel or their brush, carved over the centuries the eternal face of Rome: Michelangelo, Caravaggio , Bernini and Borromini and many others;
  • TOUR OF TALKING STATUES OF ROME:Pasquino is the old Guy Fawkes … irony and sarcasm at the service of popular demand. From the beginning of the sixteenth century up to the whole of the nineteenth, some statues of Rome were the protagonists of pungent satire by unknown authors. Placed in the most frequented streets of the city, on the statues hung signs containing satire in verse or humorous dialogues aimed at mocking the most important public figures, often even the Pope.
  • TOUR TIVOLI, VILLA ADRIANA and VILLA D’ESTE:: a slice of relaxation close to the noise of the capital: on the ancient via Tiburtina, Villa Adriana is the architectural gem desired by the emperor Hadrian and he himself directed the construction work inspired at the Domus Aurea di Nerone. Villa d’Este is an Italian masterpiece in the art of gardens, water games and fountains; villa Renaissance heritage of UNESCO.



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