Orvieto, “tall and strange” city, Civita, “the dying city”

“Slow Festina”, hurry slowly, said the Latin fathers … only in this way you will be able to feel one with the millennial rock and slip slowly among the rivulets of history.


With a very suggestive definition Orvieto has been called “the tall and strange city”. A small treasure trove of art, it is famous in the world especially for the Duomo, a marvel of European Gothic architecture and the Well of San Patrizio, a masterpiece of hydraulic engineering.

You can also enjoy the Chapel of San Brizio, the Duomo Museum, the millennial underground city and the excellent gastronomy.

Through the “lace path” you can discover the precious art of the typical lace of Orvieto and, at the same time, visit the charming medieval quarter.

The “gold way” will let you know the goldsmiths of Orvieto and the most prestigious palaces of the city.

The “via della ceramica” will allow you to get to know the artisans of ceramics from Orvieto at work in their workshops or in their laboratories along the ancient lines of the historical center (today Corso Cavour and Via del Duomo)
Do not miss a visit to Il Palazzo del Gusto which, housed in the former Convent of San Giovanni, in the medieval heart of Orvieto, will offer you more than one gift.

“Civita di Bagnoregio, “the city that dies” …

Civita stands on the top of a hill at a height of 443 meters above sea level and looks like a surreal city, as it can only exist in the minds of dreamers or adventurers.

In the autumn months and on certain mornings of fog, that small village of houses, seems to float “magically” supported by the vapors on the edge of the unreal, Civita is connected to the mainland by a single slender bridge, the saddle where it once passed access road, within three centuries has been lowered by about 40 meters.

Collapsed the road that linked Civita to Bagnoregio, has been replaced with a pedestrian bridge, done in part jump in 1944. In fact as you go along the thin bridge suspended in the air, three hundred meters, but seem an infinite distance, you feel a “Sense” of detachment from what is the real world.