Between history and nature

Between history and nature, a pearl that emerges among the melancholic waters of the Lake..

Bracciano, the historic center

Among the tourist points of greatest interest to visitors of Bracciano there is certainly the famous Castello Orsini-Odescalchi, of medieval age and Renaissance importance, which continues to host internationally important wedding parties (Tom Cruise – Katie Holmes; Eros Ramazzotti – Michelle Hunziker, Tyrone Power – Linda Christian, Martin Scorsese – Isabella Rossellini)..

The views that can be admired from the village, such as from the online Sentinara online dating how to chat or the Church of Santa Maria del Riposo, leave the visitor speechless, amazed by the natural wonders that see hanging out front..

The Lake

The Lake of Bracciano is inserted within the Natural Park of Bracciano-Martignano.

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